Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has responded to Megan Rapinoe’s criticism of his remarks about the gender wage gap.

On Thursday, Green spoke to reporters and clarified his stance on the gender wage gap. Green reaffirmed his stance in supporting what Rapinoe is doing and is hoping that he can help out.

“At the end of the day, what Megan wants and what I want is the same thing,” Green said. “And if she believes that doing something a certain way gets her to the end goal, I’m all for that… And if I believe doing something a certain way gets to the end goal, I’m all for that. So if we can both do something to move the needle to get to the end goal, great,” Green added.

The issue stems from a series of tweets that Golden State’s forward put out on March 27. In the series of tweets, Green seemed to blame the women for “complaining” and not taking action over disparities in pay and investment in women’s sports.

On a Wednesday zoom call ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, Rapinoe responded to the Warriors’ forward. “You obviously showed your whole a-s in not even understanding what we all talk about all the time WNBA players and us on the national team… You don’t think we asked for more money? I mean, what are we screaming about? Nonstop!” Rapinoe told reporters.

Green took the opportunity on Thursday to clarify and say that his message was reconstructed. “A lot of what I said in the tweet you can’t really make out my full position from my tweets,” he said. “Which was intentional because I don’t want you to make out my full position from a tweet.” The forward clarified that he instead wants to bring attention to the issues with his tweets. “I want to have these conversations to help get over here to the side of good, to the side that we’re all trying to get to, to the side that we want to see these women get,” Green said.

The former All-Star heard Rapinoe’s criticism but was not offended by what she said. “We all don’t have to think the same thing or take the same path to get to a result that’s just not realistic,” Green told reporters. “We all don’t have to take that path, so if her path that she’s going to take is different to get to the result or the path that I want to help take is different to get to the result, as long as we’re both working towards the same result, I have no issue with that.”

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