Dez Bryant plans to play two more years in the NFL, but not with the Baltimore Ravens.

Bryant, 32, returned to the league last season after sitting out for two seasons. Bryant was signed to the Ravens practice squad before making it to the main roster. Bryant only played in six games for Baltimore and recorded six catches for 47 yards and two touchdowns. The receiver became the fourth option on the team’s depth chart and finished as the No. 4 wide receiver for the league’s worst passing attack.

“I realized quick Baltimore wasn’t the place for me,” Bryant said as he revealed that he would not return to Baltimore. The wide receiver released a series of tweets talking about his reasoning. In response to fans who assumed that he was not given enough opportunities in Baltimore, the wide receiver responded by saying, “I flashed my abilities to the point [Ravens coach John] Harbaugh asked was I ready to play because he thought I was ready …You have to learn the playbook … chemistry with the QB has to be on point.”

The wide receiver went on to explain that the chemistry between himself and QB Lamar Jackson was not the issue. The main problem that the former Pro Bowler highlighted was that his teammates understood the system better. “It was guys there before me who understood the offensive concepts better than me, you can’t jeopardize that,” he said.

However, the three-time Pro Bowler is grateful for his tenure with the Ravens. “I enjoyed myself,” the receiver said about his time with the team. For now, the 32-year-old is focusing on playing for two more years before calling it quits. Now the question is, what team’s uniform will he be wearing next season?

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