Add Devin Booker to the list of NBA players who are fed up and not taking any more guff from hecklers.

During Wednesday’s Suns-Timberwolves game, Booker was dribbling up court and replied to a knucklehead with, “Shut up, p—-.”

Booker, who ended with 28 points on the night in Phoenix’ 125-116 win, is the most recent victim of fan abuse. The Lakers’ (for now) Russell Westbrook last week was irate when a fan called him “Westbrick,” and made a thing out of it.

Most recently, Portland’s injured bug man Jusuf Nurkic dealt with a hater in his own way—by grabbing the heckler’s phone and tossing it. Rumor has it that the heckler insulted Nurkic’s dead grandmother.

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