A bearded David Letterman made his debut posing as a sports reporter at the Brooklyn Nets’ media day. Letterman’s victim was Kevin Durant, who showed little appreciation for his comedic endeavors.

In the pre-season press conference, reporters were asking serious questions about KD’s upcoming season, so characteristically, Letterman decided to stir the pot. Letterman raised his hand as “Dave from Basketball Digest” in the middle of a crowd of buttoned-up journalists. He asked, “Kevin, KD, why do people call you KD?” Durant looked at him unenthusiastically but answered, nonetheless. KD explained that his name was “Kevin with a ‘K’ and that his last name was “Durant with a ‘D’.”

Letterman then pushed a little harder and said, “I just got off the phone with the Dolan family, and they said they’re talking to the [NBA] commissioner. They’re looking to work a contractual deal that will allow you, when you’re not playing for the Nets, to be able to play for the Knicks.”

KD, with a slight smirk, kept his composure. “All right Dave, That was the last one,” he said. “Good Job Dave.” Letterman’s charade ultimately prompted some laughter before he departed.

The Nets’ have little time for jokes as their season begins in three weeks against the Milwaukee Bucks, away. With all their firepower, KD and the Nets will look to improve on an already impressive 48-24 record from last season and their failure to reach the Eastern Conference Finals.

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