It may be the Dallas heat, but Cowboys’ cornerback Tyler Patmon and wide receiver Dez Bryant got into a scuffle recently during a training camp practice.

An on-site video, shows Bryant trying to clear Patmon after a snap, and 6’2’’ Bryant attempts to stiff arm the 5’10’’ Patmon, but gets his faceguard instead. As a result of the hold, Patmon finds Bryant’s helmet and shucks it off, at which point both helmets come off and the two square off before being broken up by fellow teammates. But before the two were broken up, Bryant was able to cock back and swing a wild hook, which landed on Patmon’s chest protector.

Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones seemed to like the aggression of the field. “That’s good stuff,” Jones said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “That’s training camp. Now that’s not new. That’s been happening at our training camps for years and years and years. It is a throwback to the years when you saw Michael Irvin out here, Deion [Sanders] and those guys.”


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Football is an aggressive sport, and things like this happen frequently – usually not meaning anything deeper than hard-contact competition. And like true teammates and sportsmen, the two hugged it out after practice.

This is Patmon’s second season in the NFL he had 8 combined tackles in the regular season, and 3 tackles in the post-season with one career interception leading to a touchdown.

Bryant, with a contract worth $70 million, has 5424 career receiving yards with 56 career touchdowns with only 6 fumbles.
IF management is okay, then team is okay, and if the players are okay, then this situation must be okay.

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