Peyton Manning has a sweet throwing arm, and professional sculptor, Tim King, is making it even sweeter by creating a chocolate structure for the Colorado event Choctober Fest.

There’s a bunch of trees and little to do in Longmont, Colo., so naturally sculpting because a passion for King, who has sculpted a plethora of things, including a Christmas ornament for President George W. Bush in 2012.

He has never sculpted NFL icons, but perhaps there’s a first for everything. King says that it is an, “unbelievable [pursuit, and] I am super excited.”  The starting Broncos superstar’s sculpture will be 30 percent larger than his real-life frame.

Like any worthwhile pursuit, the process will be lengthy and time consuming, estimated to take more than a month to complete. It will start out as a clay mold, which then gets layered with plaster, and then finished with liquid chocolate.

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What’s more impressive than the pursuit in itself, is the methodology King employed to get his starting mold. All he used for reference was NFL videos and stills. With that kind of patience to watch and rewind clips of Manning, King could have coached a football team.

In addition to the sweet chocolate Manning, King is also creating a savory manning out of bronze. When asked why he uses such stiff foundations, he said that “I wouldn’t want Peyton’s arm to fall off right before the festival.” You’re right, Mr. King, ‘tis would be a forsaken omen to the Broncos indeed.

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