The epic WWE showdown wrestling fans have all been waiting for finally arrived on Monday.

Bill Goldberg And Brock Lesnar Finally Face Off On WWE Raw

Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar faced off on Monday night’s episode of Raw, surrounded by dozens of extra security guards to prevent the wrestlers from completely destroying each other.

Paul Heyman kept attempting to get a word in, but Goldberg kept cutting him off, going as far as to ask the security guards to leave so he could properly finish Lesnar.

When Heyman offered Goldberg an opportunity to get his dream of fighting Lesnar instead of a replacement at Survivor Series, the returning champion responded by ripping off his shirt.

Lesnar, who is also a UFC fighter, did not take this well and knocked over two security guards. Heyman then insulted Goldberg’s family again.

It was a fantastic show, although the real fight between Goldberg and Lesnar will take place Sunday at the Survivor Series in Toronto.

Goldberg, a former SEC and NFL football star and current actor, television personality, businessman and volunteer who will be 50 next month, is a realist.

“I’d love to be the Goldberg of old,” he stated recently, “and not the Goldberg that’s old. I’m 12 years older, and gray, but in those 12 years I that I’ve been away from wrestling I’m much wiser, and I have 12 years of MMA training that I can utilize. My stand up game is immensely better than it ever was in WCW or WWE.”


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