Superstar running back Adrian Peterson can be reinstated months before the intended April date after U.S. District Court Judge David Doty has ruled, according to ESPN.

The case began on Feb. 6 and had Peterson’s defense arguing that he was unlawfully punished as Roger Goodell acted far beyond the reach of his powers. The NFLPA claimed the running back was not governed by the new conduct policy, which instituted harsher penalties for domestic abuse, because it was not put into place until well past the date of the alleged incident.

On top of this, they argued that the appeal process was bias towards Goodell as arbitrator Harold Henderson is partial to what is best for the NFL and not the individual player. Henderson upheld the suspension on Dec. 12.

Originally, Peterson was supposed to have a hearing on April 15 to determine if he would be reinstated, whichwould determine if he was mentally fit to return to the NFL.

The running back was already in the news this week for an altercation between his agent and the Vikings’ vice president of player operations: resulting in many wondering will he return to Minnesota? If he does, he will become once again the highest-paid back in the league.

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