Last season, the Los Angeles Rams surprised many by making it to the divisional round of the playoffs. Quarterback Jared Goff led the team to a Wild Card playoff win, but the team fell to the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round. Despite the disappointing end of the season, it was still a successful one for the team. Unfortunately, due to inconsistent performances by Goff, the Rams traded him to the Detroit Lions for quarterback Matthew Stafford. Los Angeles sent Goff, a 2021 third-round pick, a 2022 and 2023 first-round pick to the Lions for Stafford.

Not only that, but the team will be under a new coaching staff. The Rams lost key staff members in the offseason to other teams. However, they still have head coach Sean McVay. So, the team will hope that the new staff under McVay and Stafford will lead the team to another playoff berth.


Los Angeles Rams Schedule:

  • Week 1: Sun 09/12 vs Chicago Bears
  • Week 2: Sun 09/19 at Indianapolis Colts
  • Week 3: Sun 09/26 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Week 4: Sun 10/03 vs Arizona Cardinals
  • Week 5: Thu 10/07 at Seattle Seahawks 
  • Week 6: Sun 10/17 at New York Giants
  • Week 7: Sun 10/24 vs Detroit Lions
  • Week 8: Sun 10/31 at Houston Texans
  • Week 9: Sun 11/07 vs Tennessee Titans
  • Week 10: Mon 11/15 at San Francisco 49ers 
  • Week 11: BYE
  • Week 12: Sun 11/28 at Green Bay Packers 
  • Week 13:Sun 12/05 vs Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Week 14: Mon 12/13 at Arizona Cardinals
  • Week 15: Sun 12/19 vs Seattle Seahawks 
  • Week 16: Sun 12/26 at Minnesota Vikings
  • Week 17: Sun 1/02 at Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 18: Sun 01/09 vs San Francsico 49ers

NFC West: The Rams are going to compete with the Seahawks for the division title. Last season, Seattle remained atop the division standings, but the Rams finished just behind them and clinched a Wild Card berth. The Rams have a chance to win the division since they are the second-best team in the division. However, it won’t be easy. The Cardinals and 49ers are both improving. This is going to be a very competitive battle for the division title.

Matchups: The Rams begin their season with a tough five-game stretch. From Week 6 to Week 10, they have much easier matchups (outside of their Week 9 contest against the Titans). Following their Week 11 bye, the Rams face a mixed bag of strong and weak teams. Some of the Rams’ key matchups will be against the Seahawks, Colts, Packers, Ravens and Bucs.

Overall: The Rams brought in an upgrade at the quarterback position with Stafford, and second-year running back Cam Akers should improve significantly after a year of experience under his belt. With a solid tandem at the wide receiver position in Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, the Rams’ offense should be much improved in 2021.

Prediction: The Rams will finish with a 10-7 record.


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