The St. Louis Cardinals are the newest MLB team to have a COVID-19 outbreak. Over the weekend, the league released a statement giving more specifics about the incident. “The Cardinals have had 13 members of the organization test positive for COVID-19 in the last week, including seven players and six staff members,” the league said in a statement. “The Club, which has been in quarantine since Thursday, will stay in Milwaukee and their personnel will continue to be tested daily. The tentative plan is for the team to resume its regular schedule on Friday against the Chicago Cubs in St. Louis.”

It goes without saying that this is a disaster for the league, but how can it be a true calamity when the league does not seem to care how many people get infected during this restart. It feels like this should be a death-rattle for baseball in 2020, but if the league is going to turn a blind eye to what is happening then one shudders to think what will cause them to stop the season.

There was a rumor circulating that the Cardinals went to a casino recently, but the league denies that there is any evidence of that. “I have no factual reason to believe that is true,” he said. I have not seen any proof. If someone was at a casino, that would be disappointing.”

I truly believe that the MLB will not last another week with the rate that it is going plus the players that are likely to drop out after this news and that is probably for the best at this point. I do wonder if the NFL is looking at what is happening to the MLB versus how well the NBA and NHL are doing and are reconsidering whether or not they need a bubble.

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