Andrelton Simmons, the former shortstop for the Los Angeles Angels, opened up about why he opted out of the final week of the 2020 MLB season.

Simmons recently signed a one-year $10.5 million deal with the Minnesota Twins. The Twins’ shortstop wrote about the reason to the Orange County Register. Simmons opted to not verbally tell the Register because, “it is still difficult to articulate certain things or be open.”


Last season, the Angels announced that Simmons opted out of the final five games of the regular season. The team did not disclose any further information. The shortstop released a statement at the time, stating it was “the best decision for me and for my family.”


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At the time, Los Angeles had a chance to make it to the playoffs as a wild card team. Since the team was still in playoff contention, the league rules dictated that teams with a chance to make the playoffs must enter and remain in a bubble for the duration of the season.

Simmons sent the Register direct messages via Twitter saying that it was the bubble that scared him. “The idea of finishing the season in the bubble was too much for me to handle,” he said. “It was tough for me mentally to where the thought of suicide crossed my mind.” Simmons went further to say, “It was something I vowed a long time ago I would never consider again.” These thoughts were not just from the bubble but about what was going on in the world. “I was really saddened by how much I was hearing about the death toll and seeing how smaller businesses were going out of business, and I was a little depressed at how the effects of all the new rules and fears were gonna affect people’s livelihoods and how disconnected people we’re becoming,” he said.

Fortunately, the 31-year-old received help for his thoughts and struggles. “I was fortunate to talk to a therapist, which helped me let go of those thoughts,” Simmons remarked. The veteran ballplayer did not want to reveal these personal thoughts but changed his mind because it would help others who are struggling with the same situation.

Simmons will debut with the Twins in 2021.

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