The Tampa Bay Rays gave 6-foot-4 minor league stand-out Josh Lowe a chance to prove himself last Wednesday against the Boston Red Sox. He did not disappoint. Lowe got the first hit of his MLB career on his debut off of a sliding Nathan Eovaldi pitch.

Lowe, a first-round draft pick for the Ray’s in 2016, has been steadily improving his defensive and offensive prowess during his time in the minors. In his first few years, despite his solid fundamentals, he did not quite perform to his standards. However, he was still young. Lowe, 23, has had his best season by far with the Durham Bulls — enough so to be called up to the major leagues. In 98 games for the Bulls, he has recorded 21 home runs, 73 RBIs and batting .282.  

Lowe was thrilled about his debut at Fenway Park. “Pretty surreal. It’s an awesome moment. Just taking it all in,” he said. “Couldn’t make it in a more historic park.”

Little did he know that he was to record his first MLB hit in that historic park. In the bottom of the 5th inning, Lowe stepped up to the plate in a bustling Fenway. He was able to adjust to a tricky Eovaldi pitch and connect, sending the ball just short of the third baseman.

Lowe’s call-up comes after outfielder Rany Arozarena left for two games on paternity leave.  Although Lowe may just be filling in during Arozarena’s absence, he has given Tampa fans a hopeful indication of what is to come.

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