While rookie quarterback Justin Herbert has been a revelation for the Los Angeles Chargers, who last year moved off of long time franchise quarterback Philip Rivers, that doesn’t mean that the Chargers won’t stop losing in back-breaking ways as they have for the past 15 years. If the Chargers had any fans then I would consider them a tortured fan base but alas there aren’t enough to qualify. While the young rookie outplayed the rapidly aging Drew Brees, the Saints were able to eke out a 30-27 overtime win that pushes their record to 3-2 while the Chargers fall to 1-4 despite playing incredibly competitive games with both the Saints and the Chiefs.

On to the Saints. As I mentioned before, Brees looks old. This is not a new take, but it is disturbing to see a quarterback who has a roster that is so loaded with weapons throw check-down after check-down and only having the confidence in his arm to throw downfield once or twice a game. The Saints are a really good team. But they would be a great team if they had a quarterback that threw a deep ball like Herbert. It seems unlikely that the Saints will move off Brees now with this likely being his last year in the league and despite Sean Payton’s fascination with Taysom Hill. But another possible option is backup Jameis Winston who has been the butt of many jokes about his tendency to turn the ball over but I honestly think that he could be an upgrade over Brees, who has been no stranger to throwing picks this year. It won’t happen, but maybe it should.

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