There was a faction of Philadelphia Flyers fans who insisted that Scott Gordon should become the head coach for the next season after his performance when replacing Dave Hakstol. Those fans didn’t win out.

Alain Vigneault Joins Flyers

On Monday, the Flyers announced that Alain Vigneault would become the franchise’s 21st head coach. Vigneault said: “It is an honor to be selected as the next head coach of the Flyers. The history they have established and the passionate fan base has made this a first-class franchise.”

While some fans are disappointed in the hire, others look at Vigneault’s resume and are roaring with excitement. He’s made two trips to the Stanley Cup Finals since 2011 and won 13 playoff series in his career. While he’s coming off a season in which he was fired for missing the playoffs, it was the first time since he took over the New York Rangers in the 2013-2014 season that they’d missed out on the postseason.

Philadelphia, who just missed out on sneaking into the playoffs, has a great group of young guys for Vigneault to work with. If he’s willing to work with young talent, which he very well may not be, they could easily be playing this time next year. Plus, this hiring will inject some tension into the Flyers-Rangers rivalry.

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