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Patriots’ Robert Kraft ‘Reluctantly’ Accepts Goodell’s Punishment Full view

Robert Kraft with President Obama

Patriots’ Robert Kraft ‘Reluctantly’ Accepts Goodell’s Punishment

Last Thursday, Tom Brady officially filed his appeal against the NFL, lobbying that his four-game suspension was unwarranted. The New England Patriots had until May 21 to file their appeal and it appears that owner Robert Kraft will “reluctantly” accept Roger Goodell’s punishment, in an effort to put this business behind them.

Last week, Kraft hired lawyers to write a 20,000 word rebuttal to the controversial Ted Wells report, refuting some of the key pieces of evidence that led to the investigator’s conclusion. Therefore, it looked like the Patriots owner was digging his feet into the ground, preparing for a long battle with the NFL.

However, today he announced that he is “reluctantly” accepting the loss of a first round 2016 draft pick, a fourth round 2017 draft pick and $1 million.

“One thing we can all agree on is the entire process has taken way too long,” Kraft stated during the press conference.

And while he believes “there was no hard evidence and everything was circumstantial” and how the punishment was “unreasonable and unprecedented,” he does not wish to extend the controversy any further.

“Although I might disagree with what was decided, I do have respect for the commissioner, and believe he’s doing what he perceives is in the best interest of the full 32,” Kraft concluded. Therefore, “I accept, reluctantly, what [Roger Goodell] has given us.”

And he believes that this decision is the “best thing for the New England Patriots, our fans and the NFL.”

At the same time, Kraft’s decision does not change Tom Brady’s appeal process. The NFLPA is still going forward with their case.

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Written by Anthony Falco