Well, it appears things have just gotten worse for Washington. Following all the controversy surrounding their name, the team’s inability to win — they won seven games over the last two seasons and have made the playoffs only three times since 2000 — and the supposed drama in the locker room because of RGIII’s prima donna ways, the DC based franchise cannot seem to catch a break.

And now, they appear to have the fans with the worst grammar.

According to a study conducted by Grammarly, Washington fans make on average 16.5 mistakes per 100 words. The company used their grammar checking algorithm to observe the writing skills of the 32 teams’ fans. They conducted the experiment by reviewing 150 comments, at least 50 words long, from each NFL franchise’s news section. And Washington led the rest of the field by a wide margin.

But winning and good grammar do not correlate as Lions average a league best 4.2 mistakes per 100 words, meanwhile they have not won a playoff game since 1991. Other notable teams are the Super Bowl champions New England Patriots, who are surprisingly fourth on the list (11.6). And probably the teams with the two rowdiest fan bases, the Raiders and Eagles, scored pretty well: 24th (5.9) and 30th (5.2).

Yet probably the most interesting thing to take away from this study is how the NFL’s fans (9.9) are more likely to make grammar mistakes than MLB (8.2) and NHL fans (8.2). But they are grammatically superior to NBA (10.3) and NASCAR fans (10.5).


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