Marshawn Lynch is back at it today, with his newest interview featuring his amazing catchphrase “You know why I’m here.” Again, this latest run-in with the media has him saying the phrase 14 different times during his self-mandated five-minute time limit.

Though it is important to note that at one time Lynch provided a different answer to a question about his pre-game music: which he responded to by saying “It’s a new song, by Marshawn.”

As many know, Commissioner Goodell and the NFL have stated that Lynch could face a $500,000 if he attempted to skip the Super Bowl’s media day — this would be on top of the $120,000 in fines he has accumulated over the last two seasons.

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Now, there is no word whether Marshawn’s five-minute appearances could result in a fine because he did show up. But still, there is no league mandate specifying an exact time: so he could face a fine for limiting the interviews to five minutes.

At the same time, Lynch faces the possibility of a fine for wearing his Beast Mode apparel: a hat that has now sold out on the Beast Mode website. According to CBS Sports, he is wearing unsanctioned apparel to a league event: meaning it has not been approved by the NFL.

However, a few years ago, Richard Sherman claimed the brand name supported charity. Now the actual website does not indicate that any of the money goes toward charity, but if it did, the NFL — who is already facing image problems — would look terrible for fining the superstar.

In the end, the NFL should probably just leave Marshawn alone. As Russell Wilson stated, “I just think that sometimes we focus on things that don’t matter and don’t make any difference… There are times I don’t think he should be fined, especially to extent that people try to fine him. That’s just my honest opinion… The guy loves the game. Sometimes people try to take away from people the way they are. I don’t think he should be fined, personally.”

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