Marshawn Lynch appears to be enjoying the offseason. For instance, he has actually opened up to the media. First, it was during the Golden State Warriors’ championship parade, where he was seen celebrating with the team and talking to the press.

And yesterday, he appeared on Conan for the second time this year. During 2015’s Super Bowl coverage, Lynch and Rob Gronkowski participated in a popular Conan O’Brien segment called “Clueless Gamer.” There, they faced off while playing the, at the time, unreleased Mortal Kombat X. The video went viral, as people got to see a fun and energetic side to the normally stoic running back. It also did not hurt that viewers got to watch Gronkowski be the affable Gronk.

Marshawn Lynch Jumps Into Tank Of Skittles

Still, one thing was solidified from that segment: Lynch’s love for skittles. So on yesterday’s edition of Conan, the famous talk show host brought up this love — he was once fined for wearing cleats with a skittles design — and wanted to combine it with something else he is famous for, diving into the endzone — he was also fined for jumping into the endzone while grabbing his crotch.

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So Conan brought out a tub of skittles for Marshawn to do his signature touchdown dive into. Lynch’s face was reminiscent of a kid on Christmas, as he gleefully dove into his favorite snack.

Now, uSports’ first question is how long did it take an intern to fill that tub? Second, how many bags of skittles were wasted on this? And finally, did Marshawn eat any on his way out?

Lynch recently signed a two-year extension, worth $24 million. In five seasons with the Seahawks, he rushed for 5,930 yards and 54 touchdowns.

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