Well, it looks like the number one and two overall picks, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, are continuously competing off the football field. But this time, it appears the Titans QB got the upper hand.

Marcus Mariota And Jameis Winston Top Jersey Sales

Contrary to popular belief, Jameis Winston is not the most popular new player in the NFL. Well, at least he was not as popular as Marcus Mariota in the month of May, as the Tennessee quarterback’s jersey outsold the number one overall pick’s, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

It should not be surprising that the top two picks’ jerseys have been selling so well. There is a lot of hype for both of these athletes and many expect them to start against each other on opening day when the Titans take on the Buccaneers.

On top of this, both teams have been avidly pushing the new faces of their franchise, with the Titans even purchasing electronic billboards around Nashville the day after Mariota was drafted, according to ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky.

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As for the rest of the list, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and Odell Beckham Jr. rounded out the top five. And Rob Gronkowski, Colin Kaepernick, Dez Bryant, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning finished in the top ten. On top of this, the highest defensive player was J.J. Watt at twelve and the highest running back was Demarco Murray’s Eagles jersey at eleven.

As for the next two closest rookies, San Diego’s Melvin Gordon and the Oakland Raiders’ Amari Cooper finished at the 24th and 25th spots. With this said, there were a few surprises in the top 25, including Seattle’s twelfth man (20), Kam Chancellor (19), Derek Carr (17) and NaVorro Bowman (14).

But probably the biggest surprise is how Ndamukong Suh (22) was outside the top 20 and Richard Sherman did not even crack the top 25. But then again, this was only a month worth of sales.

All the statistics were taken from NFL Shop, the official store of the National Football League.

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