Former Real Madrid president Florentino Perez reportedly called Cristiano Ronaldo an “imbecile” and Jose Mourinho “abnormal” in 2012 according to recently leaked audio.

During that time period, both soccer superstars were members of Real Madrid. Ronaldo is Madrid’s all-time leading scorer (recording 450 goals before leaving the club in 2018) and Mourinho managed a Real team to a La Liga title. This new excerpt was preceded by leaked audio from 2006 that saw Perez chastising previous star players of the club. The 2006 audio had been revealed just 24 hours earlier.

“This chap is an imbecile, he is ill … Do you think this chap is normal? He is not normal, otherwise he wouldn’t do the things he does. The last foolish thing he did, everyone around the world saw it,” Perez said in the 2012 audio clip.

Perez also said in the same audio of both Ronaldo and Mourinho: “These are guys with huge egos, both of them spoiled.”

Madrid released a statement defending Perez, saying the audio was a retaliatory measure taken against the former president because of his support for the failed European Super League. The club said it is considering taking legal action against those who released the audio.

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