Kevin Love has not had the best year in Cleveland. After being traded to the Cavaliers, he has seen his role reduced and his numbers decline: he is only averaging 16.5 PPG, 10.1 RPG and 12.1 FGA, with the latter being his lowest since his sophomore season. This is primarily due to him playing second fiddle to Kyrie Irving and Lebron James.

And this has led the media to rampantly speculate about Love’s future with the team: he has the ability to opt out of his 2015 contract, which offers him $16.7 million. On top of this, cryptic tweets from Lebron as well as a missing Love from team festivities has only worked to fuel the rumors about a feud between James and Love.

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Since then, Kevin Love went on ESPN’s Mike & Mike to put an end to some of these rumors. “A lot of the times, if you look out on the floor when that’s happened, it’s been matchups,” Love said about being benched in the fourth quarter of the Milwaukee Bucks game. “So I think it’s on me to try to do what’s best for the team and always be a consummate professional throughout this entire process.”

“Just knowing that it’s for the greater good,” Love continued. “If we have a chance at the end of the year to hoist that Larry O’Brien Trophy, then it’s all been worth it. I think there’s been times this season, naturally, that I fought it, but then seeing the end result, it kind of changes everything. Had it been different, then maybe I would have felt some different kind of way.”

But more importantly, Kevin talked about the recent media attention on his relationship with all-star Lebron James. “It’s fine,” Love stated. “You know, we’re not best friends, we’re not hanging out every day, but we see each other every day, whether at the practice facility, whether on the road or going to a game. I think our relationship is also evolving. I can say the same with each and every coach, Coach Blatt and each and every player on the team. But that’s part of the NBA.”

Still, there is the big question, will he stay in Cleveland? In an interview with The Dan Patrick Show, he seems to give a definite answer: “I plan on being a Cavalier either way.”

The Cavaliers struggled early in the 2014-15 season, but has finally found their stride. They are 9-3 in March, second in the Eastern Conference and have already clinched a playoff berth. They are certainly a favorite to make it to the Eastern Conference final and the trio of Irving, James and Love has a lot to do with that.

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