In a surprise move last week, Kevin Garnett waived his no trade clause to head back to the place he started his career, Minnesota.

Kevin Garnett played his first 13 seasons for the Timberwolves and is the club’s all-time leading scorer with 19,046 points. And during last night’s welcome home against the Washington Wizards, the crowd was ecstatic: but one fan in particular stood out.

It was a dancing heavy set man with “Welcome Home KG” painted on his chest: after seeing this, the usually stoic Garnett laughed and proceeded to salute the fan’s dedication.

After the game, Garnett happily commented on the fan: “When there’s a man dancing with your name on his chest, I think you would pay attention to that… The guy was over the top and I had to give him a big shout out and show him it was all love. But that was probably one of the craziest things y’all seen in 15 years.”

In the end, Minnesota beat the Wizards 99-77.

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