For every person who says Generation Z is spoiled and sensitized due to the participation award era, they just need to look at this vine of Indianapolis Colts mascot Blue wrecking children. Many thought there was nothing as horrifying as getting laid out: but what about getting absolutely demolished by a mascot?

The “Mascot Challenge” is an event held by the Minnesota Vikings, where mainly Minnesota mascots — but not limited to — face off against a youth team as a halftime show. Needless to say, Blue, the lovable Colts mascot, got a little carried away: he hilariously shoved children, trash talked and looked better than any New York Giants linebacker.

Special thanks to SB Nation’s Roger Sherman for capturing this amazing display of sportsmanship on camera: it truly was more of a highlight than anything that happened during the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings game. And for further enjoyment, watch the top ten cases of mascot abuse below: it could give some insight to why Blue was so aggressive.

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