It has been proven over and over again that if you have a checkered history but can produce on the field then you will be able to get a job in the NFL. The best example of this is Greg Hardy who was picked up by the Cowboys after reports of Hardy committing domestic violence were released. So, based on last week’s news that the Houston Texans, after reportedly being the frontrunner to sign free agent safety Earl Thomas, management was talked out of the idea by Texans players who saw him as too much of a disruption to their locker room, you have to wonder, how much a jerk is Thomas that he has become practically untouchable?

Thomas has now run himself out of town in two cities. When he started his career in Seattle he played in the much revered Legion of Boom secondary where his play was at an All-Pro, Hall of Fame level he reportedly butted heads with coach Pete Caroll. By all accounts, that team had a myriad of locker room issues, but it is also known that Thomas was the main agitator to that situation. Then, he got cut by the Baltimore Ravens in August just weeks before his second season with the team after getting into a physical altercation with a fellow Ravens player.

Thomas will eventually land somewhere. The NFL has proven over and over again that they do not care who you are or what you have done as long as you can produce on the field. Thomas was originally linked to the New England Patriots, who have been weakened by opt-out and have a lot of cap space, but I can’t see Bill Belichick putting up with Thomas’ antics. And the only team that is a contender that needs a major upgrade in the secondary is the place Thomas has reportedly wanted to go to all along, the Dallas Cowboys. The cap gymnastics would be tricky and the fact that they haven’t yet pounced on Thomas is a red flag, but if anybody is eccentric enough to think that the Cowboys mystique will fix Thomas’ attitude the second he steps into their practice facility, it’s Jerry Jones. 

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