Jared Lorenz, Former New York Giants QB, made an astute observation about Jameis Winston: in a photo that has been circling the web, the 6’4″ NFL prospect and first round pick looked fairly out of shape. And Lorenzen, a man who has had a problem with weight his whole life, threw a jab at the prospect and tweeted “”who looks better?” P.S. answer is obvious #biggerisbetter.”

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Obviously, the Kansas City River Monsters QB is only joking around, but the original photo sent the press into a frenzy: is Jameis Winston out of shape and should teams be worried about this? Well according to an USA Today interview with Winston’s QB coach George Whitfield Jr., no one should be worried: “He’s lost about 12-15 pounds. When you hear stuff about Jameis, the weight and he’s getting fat — what do people think that I’ve been golfing while he’s been playing Call of Duty?”

“You smile about it because people got it and they jumped on it,” he said. “When I saw him later, Jameis laughed and said, ‘I’m going to be out in front of the world in a couple of days anyway.’ He’s been working his butt off the last five weeks to make sure he’s going to make a tough decision for somebody. He looks good. I like where he is, focused, driven. He’s enjoying the process.”

The media has already jumped on the likely first round pick for his maturity: especially with his off the field antics. So it is easy to see why everyone was so willing to pounce on this picture: but as Whitfield pointed out, it is hard to believe someone is sitting on their butt before the most important workout of his life.

Jameis will have his pro day on March 31 and has not announced if he is going to be taken part in throwing exercises during the NFL combine on Saturday.

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