Not only was the sports world shocked about the Jimmy Graham trade to Seattle, but quarterback Drew Brees was surprised too. Two days ago, Graham was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for center Max Unger and a first round draft choice.

This situation helped both sides as the tight end position was a weak point for the Seahawks and the Saints were about $16 million over the cap — the most in the NFL. However, this did not stop Brees from commenting on the matter. “I’m as shocked as everyone else. I love the guy,” Brees told sports reporter Alex Flanagan.

And yesterday, he tweeted a picture showing his feelings for Jimmy Graham and what the tight end meant to his family and the team.

And can anyone really blame Brees for being upset? Over the last four seasons he led the New Orleans Saints in targets and receptions, showing how vital of a weapon the tight end was to the quarterback.

Now, match this statistic with their off-the-field friendship and the Saints’ superstar is going to feel thoroughly hurt about the situation. But the deal is done. New Orleans just needs to make their QB happy by getting him more weapons: a feat that may be hard due to their cap situation.

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