After making his debut during the Miami Dolphins week six shutout of the New York Jets, where he got to run a single drive that was meant to chew up the clock, Miami coach Brian Flores has named Tua Tagovailoa as their starting quarterback. Tua will be replacing longtime veteran of almost every NFL team, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has provided solid if chaotic play for Miami throwing for over 1500 yards through six games with 10 touchdowns in seven interceptions. “We feel like through practice meetings and walk-throughs that he’s ready, and that’s how we’re going moving forward,” Flores said. “[Ryan Fitzpatrick] has done a great job. He’s been productive. His leadership has been great. It’s not an easy decision for me or us as an organization, but we felt like for the team now and moving forward, this is the move we needed to make.”

It is not surprising that the Dolphins were going to make this move, eventually. What is curious is the timing of it. It feels early. We all knew they would have to give their first-round pick a run, but the Dolphins have been surprisingly adequate this year under the direction of Fitzpatrick. After looking at the schedule it does occur to me that it is currently the Dolphins bye-week, which makes a lot of sense. It was likely set before the season that Fitzpatrick will keep Tua’s spot warm for a few weeks until the team’s bye then cede the spot to the rookie. If Miami isn’t committed to making a true run at the playoffs, currently sitting a 3-3, their eyes are looking towards being the future overseers of the AFC East.

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