DeMarco Murray sits at the top of the free agency list: between his agent’s high asking price, the amount of running backs in free agency and his history of injuries, the former Cowboys RB has barely been given the appropriate attention. With this said, there is certainly one interested party and that is the Philadelphia Eagles, according to Adam Schefter.

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One thing is for sure, at the moment Murray and the Cowboys’ communication has been minimal, meaning his likelihood of returning is decreasing day-by-day. And the Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins knows this, as he recently sent a tweet telling DeMarco to “come on over to the dark side bro!”

Now, Dez Bryant took exception to this and fired back.

This wonderfully adds a bit of rivalry to the already interesting free agency period. But as a New York Giants fan, I want DeMarco Murray out of the division. So lets hope he ends up some place else. Especially since the NFC East has the habit of losing star players to division rivals: case in point, DeSean Jackson.

As for Bryant, I am surprised he is still on social media and did not go dark after the rampant speculation about an alleged Ray Rice-like video.” While nothing has come from it at the moment, he should probably try to avoid anything that could get him into trouble.

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