Well the horribly titled Deflate-Gate seems to be getting more and more media attention these days: especially after the NFL’s Super Bowl media day yesterday. On top of these standard interviews, it appears the NFL’s lackadaisical investigation has began to heat up now targeting the Patriots’ locker room attendant who possessed the balls while going into the bathroom for 90 seconds.

Now, the media’s rampant speculation questions could the balls have been doctored in that amount of time, with places like the New York Daily News claiming yes. In fact, the News writer Gersh Kuntzman even reenacted the feat: with the actual deflating taking 40 seconds and leaving the bathroom taking 77 seconds, well under the 90 second deadline.

Now one thing is obvious, the actual NFL investigation, which has been handled quite poorly, will not conclude until after the Super Bowl: meaning all of this unnecessary press will be consistently around until mid-February — certainly overstaying its welcome. But as any new information comes out, uSports will be here to report it.

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