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Daniel Bryan Cleared To Return To In-Ring WWE Action Full view

Professional Wrestler Daniel Bryan at Phoenix ComicCon in 2016 (Wikipedia Commons. Author: Gage Skidmore)

Daniel Bryan Cleared To Return To In-Ring WWE Action

Daniel Bryan is making a WWE comeback nearly three years after his final match.

Daniel Bryan WWE return news

The 36-year-old former World Heavyweight champion was cleared to return to the ring. Bryan tweeted this announcement Tuesday afternoon:

Bryan sustained several concussions throughout his career as an active WWE superstar, which began when he was 18. He also reportedly suffered concussion-based seizures that he confessed to have hidden from wrestling officials. Bryan was told during experimental testing in early 2016 that he wouldn’t be cleared to compete again in a WWE ring.

In an interview with ESPN’s SportsCenter shortly after that, Bryan warned young athletes about the dangers of brain trauma and urged them to take precautions.

Bryan began undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments to reverse the effects of previous concussions.

The wrestler signed his first WWE developmental contract in 2000. After 18 months, he was released and began a run in the independents. He eventually re-signed with WWE in 2009, debuted as part of the reality-show version of NXT and ultimately made his “main roster” debut as part of The Nexus in June 2010. On that night, however, an incident involving the choking of ring announcer Justin Roberts with his own tie led to Bryan’s release four days later.

Bryan eventually took home three world titles and also fought in WrestleMania XXX before ultimately winning the WWE world heavyweight championship.

Approximately a year prior to his last competition, in May 2014, Bryan had surgery to fix a nerve located in his neck. He came back to fight ahead of the Royal Rumble in 2015.

Since 2016, Bryan has been the on-screen general manager for SmackDown Live.

Bryan’s famous chants of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” are still used today in many WWE competitions.


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