Philadelphia 76ers fans think they are living another nightmare in the playoffs with a new Ben Simmons.

That’s James Harden, who has had two disappointing games in a row for the team.

And largely because of that, the 76ers now find themselves down 2-1 in the series against the Boston Celtics.

Harden has only averaged 14 points in the last two games and only successfully made five field goals.

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In the regular season, Harden averaged 21 points per game.

In particular, fans are letting the 33-year-old have it after he passed up a floater in the third quarter of game three.

Harden is now being compared to former 76er Ben Simmons.

One fan asked: “How tf did a top 5 scorer ever become Ben Simmons 5 days after a career game???? This will never make sense to me I’ve never seen a more inconsistent star.”

Another said: “Harden pulled a Ben Simmons LMAO.”

“I feel for Embiid. First, he dealt with Ben Simmons, and now he’s dealing with playoff Harden.”

For those who aren’t aware, Simmons was known for his nightmarish playoff games for the 76ers.

In particular, his last three playoff games with the 76ers were abysmal when the team faced off against the Atlanta Hawks in the second round.

Simmons in those games only scored five, six, and eight points respectively.

And in game 7, Simmons passed up on a dunk or a layup that could have tied the game up in the fourth quarter – which could be what fans are alluding back to.

And sometimes when things go bad for a player in the NBA, they pass up on shots that they normally wouldn’t.

Lack of confidence might be part of it for Harden right now.

But Harden will need to heat up again to avoid another disappointing second-round exit for the 76ers.

In game one against the Celtics this year, Harden scored 45 points.

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