Kayla Harrison, Olympic Judo Gold Medalist, On… by uSports

U.S. Olympic judoka Kayla Harrison won the 2012 London Olympics 78-kg weight class and she is looking to repeat in Rio. She was also the first American to bring home a gold in judo. Visualization is something she thinks is important to her success on the mat and she went through her visualization with uSports.

At the end of every day, for ten minutes, Harrison envisions how her Olympic competition will play out.

She is very superstitious on fight days and doesn’t like to mix it up, in fact she loves routine.

“My days when I fight are always the same, I eat the same foods when I wake up, I wear the same clothes, same T-shirt, same gi, same belt, same lucky socks. Before I fight, before I start to warm up I like to listen to country music, keep me mellow, keep me relaxed. A lot of Blake Shelton, George Strait, Tim McGraw, and then whenever I start my warm-up I put on my playlist which is all Eminem and he gets me amped,” she said.

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