If you watched any of Saturday’s fight, it was mightily disappointing. First off, it was never going to live up to expectations and, second, everyone knows Floyd Mayweather’s defensive style has a tendency to be quite boring. However, if pay-per-view buyers paid the $100 price tag, they were treated to circus-like events.

And uSports is not even talking about Jamie Foxx’s rendition of the national anthem. The weirdest part — which was also simultaneously the best part — of the whole event was both crews’ entourage.

The funnier one has to be Manny Pacquiao’s crew member, Jimmy Kimmel, who sported a very 90s look with one of the greatest shirts of all-time. The Pacman eating little heads of Mayweather was just comedy gold.

Now with Mayweather, everyone knew that Justin Bieber was going to be in his entourage, but who could have guessed that the Burger King mascot was going to make an appearance.

Honestly, I was confused as the creepiest looking mascot in the history of commercial entertainment was lurking in the background. But allegedly the fast food chain paid big money to have the mascot in the champ’s entourage, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

While the actual amount is unknown, it is allegedly reported in the millions. And people thought that no company would endorse Mayweather.

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