With the Fourth of July around the corner, the MLB’s specialty uniforms, which celebrate the occasion, are currently on sale. This yearly tradition, which started out as a simple blue hat with a flag logo, has developed into a signature style for the Major League.

Each year, a new hat, logo, jersey and even memorabilia — through a collaboration of Majestic and New Era — are on sale to commemorate our nation’s special day. In the past, athletes have worn simpler designs, aka the aforementioned blue, grey or even red hats with patriotic logos.

But every year the design has gotten bolder and flashier.

Well this season, the design is certainly flashier than ever, with each hat featuring a waving flag in the background and the team’s normal logo with a red outline in the foreground. It is important to note that the hats will be either red or blue, with the choice being the team’s preference. On top of this, the Toronto Blue Jays have a distinctly designed hat for Canada Day: it features their flag’s signature Maple Leaf.

Also, the jerseys will be either white or grey, with the logos filled with stars and a red, white and blue design. The names will be blue on the white and red on the grey jerseys and the numbers follow the logo’s template. Certain organizations, like the Yankees and Cubs, even had the classic pinstripe look added to the specialty uniforms.

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Photo © MLB via SportsLogos.net

Best of all, everything is currently on sale at the MLB Shop, with the hats running for $36.99 and the jerseys running anywhere from $190 to $290. And there are tons of other specialty memorabilia created to make your holiday weekend memorable. Be patriotic and order yours now!

Get the Gear: Search For Your Team’s Fourth Of July Uniforms At MLB Shop

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