On Sunday, it was revealed that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be making a return to the ring. Mayweather will be participating in an exhibition match on February 20, and his opponent will be Logan Paul.

Mayweather will be fighting the elder Paul who’s younger brother Jake Paul, shocked the world when he knocked out Nate Robinson. Paul has previously fought in a boxing match against a fellow YouTuber named KSI. That matchup saw KSI win over Paul by split decision.

Mayweather last fought in a boxing exhibition match in December 2018 against Tenshin Nasukawa and won by knockout. Mayweather’s last official match was in a highly televised fight against the former UFC champion Connor McGregor in August 2017.

Since the fight was officially announced, UFC president Dana White has some words to say about the matchup. White told the Nelk Boys, “When people ask me, ‘What’s the state of boxing right now?’ That’s where it’s at. Didn’t that kid get beat up by the [expletive] video game kid from England, and now he’s going to fight Floyd Mayweather?”

White seems more baffled as to how a YouTuber managed to get a fight against a boxing legend. The comments by White serves to reinforce his views on boxing as a whole. White has previously said that the boxing business model was broken and has previously tried to work with Mayweather.

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