Jason Witten, one of the greatest tight ends and players the NFL has ever seen, announced his comeback this week.

Jason Witten, 36, To Leave ESPN & Rejoin dallas

Witten, 36, is leaving ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast and returning to the Dallas Cowboys less than a year after announcing his retirement. After retiring, Witten decided to work for ESPN as a game analyst and several fans often mocked his commentary of the game. Now, Witten is returning for what will be his 16th season in the league.

Several media outlets quickly jumped on Twitter to embrace Witten‘s return.


Witten released a statement on why he decided to return to the game. He said that he has a fire burning inside of him to play this game. This was a decision he made by himself, and this is what he feels like doing. He added by saying the Cowboys have some young talent and he would like to help them make a run for a national championship.

With Witten already boasting a Hall of Fame career, with several All-Pro and Pro Bowl appearances, there’s not much for Witten to accomplish if it’s not in hopes of winning a championship.


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