Two weeks in a row, a ridiculously acrobatic dunk has gone viral. Last week, Canadian dunk specialist Jordan Kilganon showed off his new move entitled ‘Lost and Found.’

It is essentially a 360 degree behind-the-back self alley-oop that was done with relative ease. It is simply one of the nicest things you will ever see on the Internet.

This week, 5’9″ Ilya Kroshka, aka Kroha, jumped over two men, while receiving the ball from the piggybacking obstacle and going in between his legs to complete the dunk.

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Needless to say, it was awfully pretty. But was it better than Jordan’s ridiculous ‘Lost and Found?’ There is no doubt that it takes special athletic ability to be that height and to easily clear two men stacked on each other — and this is not even mentioning the between the legs portion.

However, the ‘Lost and Found’ was one of the most epic dunks I have ever seen. Between the 360, the behind the back alley-oop and the finish, there are so many moving parts, which makes this feat extremely unique.

What dunk do you think is better? Could either of these be a candidate for greatest dunk of all-time?

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