The New York Giants have a big decision to make on its quarterback as he may not be worth the money is asking for.

Daniel Jones is seeking up to $45 million per year in a new contract or maybe even more, reports ProFootballTalk.

Additionally, the North Carolina native has switched agents from Creative Artists Agency LLC to Athletes First.

It’s unclear what the Giants are offering, but if it’s not in his ballpark then it will lead to a likely franchise tag, which would cost a little more than $32 million.

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Applying the tag buys them time – but it’s only temporary.

And after that things could get interesting.

For one, Jones could decide to hold out not and play until he gets traded or the Giants make him an offer that he finds acceptable.

Another option is he could play through it but the team would be in the same situation as next year to decide.

Another viable is to trade him to a team willing to pay him if the Giants aren’t.

The package would probably include multiple first-round picks and more.

But if the Giants do that what is the alternative?

Sign a veteran quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo or Ryan Tannehill and be maybe a playoff team? Not really ideal.

The best option might be to come up with some kind of short-term contract agreement if they aren’t comfortable with going long-term.

Jones last season threw for more than 3,200 yards and 15 touchdown passes along with 708 yards rushing.

Those are respectable numbers but just not exactly worth $45 million a year.

The question is can both sides find common ground as the negotiations continue?

We know that Jones’ franchise tag would cost around $32 million in 2023 and if the Giants decide to do it again next year it would cost roughly $38.89 million after a 20 percent raise kicks in.

Perhaps a two to a three-year deal worth $35 million would be enough for both sides.

If not the Giants are probably the-suited franchise tagging him and seeing how he performs next year.

But Jones is an ideal fit for Brian Daboll’s spread offense and it’s worth seeing how well the 25-year-old can run it for at least another year.

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