Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine announced that his office was filing a lawsuit against the Washington Commanders, owner Dan Snyder and the NFL for striking a deal during an investigation that deceived D.C. residents and concealed wrongdoing.

According to Racine, Snyder and the NFL repeatedly hid the findings of the investigation into sexual harassment and a hostile work environment within the Commanders organization. The attorney general cited multiple instances of Snyder denying knowledge of the allegations against him.

“In fact, the evidence shows Snyder was not only aware of the toxic culture within his organization, he encouraged it and he participated in it,” Racine said. “Mr. Snyder exerted a high level of personal control over everything the Commanders did and his misconduct gave others permission to treat women in the same demeaning manner.”

As for the NFL, Snyder argues that the league’s refusal to release the full report due to confidentiality concerns was actually an attempt to conceal the extent of the wrongdoing, as well as the inner workings of the investigation itself. He alleges that Snyder and the league have both been deceiving the public for more than two years, back to when the investigation began.

“Does any part of this investigation sound independent? Does any of this sound like accountability?” Racine said. “Of course not. That’s why we’re suing.”

Counsel representing Snyder admitted that the owner repeatedly admitted wrongdoing but agreed with the attorney general’s assertion that the full results of the investigation be released. NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy, however, denied all allegations against the league.

“The independent investigation into workplace misconduct at the Washington Commanders was thoroughly and comprehensively conducted by Beth Wilkinson and her law firm,” McCarthy said. “Following the completion of the investigation, the NFL made public a summary … and imposed a record-setting fine against the club and its ownership.”

Racine did not establish the financial penalties associated with the lawsuit. If the attorney general proceeds, it will be the most recent issue that Snyder and the Commanders will have to handle as the maligned owner continues to look to sell the team.

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