Whether it is in preparation or as a pump up, almost every athlete, professional or amateur, zones out before the game. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Timofey Mozgov just happened to do it during a pregame interview.

When Cavaliers’ sideline reporter Allie Clifton asked Timofey “20 of the last 25 days spent on the road, how nice is it to be back at home,” Mozgov, without skipping a beat, answered entirely in Russian.

Clifton nodded and smiled throughout, being as much of a professional as she could be. She even responded to his answer by stating, “Nothing better than the best fans in the NBA.”

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He did not even realize what he did until he laughingly answered the second question. Still, Clifton was a great sport and even commented on the matter through Twitter.

Cleveland ended up destroying the Brooklen Nets 117-92 and Mozgov had a fantastic game with 17 points and three rebounds. Since going to Cleveland, he is averaging career highs in PPG (10.7) and total RPG (7).

h/t: Bleacher Report

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