Olympic athlete Katie Ledecky talks about her excitement towards the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the swimmer mentioned that the event was canceled before reaching the 100-day mark.

“It’s exciting. I think the Olympics were postponed last year prior to the 100-day marks, so we never really got to that mark, so every day of this year now is exciting and we’re getting closer and closer,” Ledecky said. “You can kind of finally feel that excitement building, and you know it’s happening.”

With two months remaining before the beginning of the games, Ledecky says the trials are important for the swimmers.

“We’re just about two months away from our Olympic trials so that’s kind of the next big marker for us swimmers and what we’re preparing for. It feels like it’s coming up soon and that’s really exciting.”

The athlete claims that they’re reaching their final stages of training before they can rest and prepare for the trials and the Olympics.

“We’re doing our last preparation. Those last final pushes of training, really hard training, to really put in all the work we can. Eventually, we’ll start resting up and swimming fast, so I’m excited. It’s fun to swim fast and be all together and swim against the best in the country at Olympic trials and hopefully the best in the world at the games,” she said.

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