Perry Baker suffered an untimely injury by breaking his fibula. Still, the star’s grit and determination are propelling him to a speedy recovery and a quicker return to the rugby pitch. He is one of the leaders on the Team USA rugby squad. At a media summit in May, Baker discussed the recovery from his serious leg injury.

“So, the doctors, first of all, told me that I’m super strong, so they told me that I’ll be back in a couple weeks,” Baker said. “I was running, got caught up underneath me, and just popped it, but the doctors told me that it’s nothing serious. Put a little pin in it and I’ll be fine, I’ll be back. So, actually, I’m walking right now. He told me at the end of this month I should be back running so everything’s going, he told me I’m strong. It’s what he told me when he first saw me.”

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