Team USA bobsledder Aja Evans came out of retirement to compete in the Bejing Olympic Games.

Evans originally competed in the 2018 Olympic Games and announced her retirement shortly after.

“It was kind of a decision I made for myself, I think that so much of my adulthood and my identity was built around this Olympic journey which I love and has grown to be a really strong part of my life but it felt like I needed to give myself the room to grow in other ways and see where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and try different things,” she said. “So for me in retiring it gave me that pass to be like ‘okay let’s go try this, or try that’ and in doing so I found that this sport has really been a reflection of who I am and that my presence in bobsled and my presence at the Olympic Games, just shows that I’m on track with my purpose and my passion, and it lowkey just brought me right back here.”

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