Olympic athlete Simone Biles said she feels as if people come together during the Olympics, which makes her feel as if the Olympics bring peace among fans and athletes.

“I always feel like the Olympics are world peace, and that’s when everybody just comes together and no matter the differences any of the countries have, everybody is rooting for each other and want the best for the athletes and I think that’s really neat in itself,” she said.

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The gymnast believes it will be strange to compete in front of a crowd and to see the many athletes participating in the competition.

“It will be very, very strange, because for a year now, we’ve been kind of separated and only doing certain things, so it will definitely be weird,” Biles said. “Obviously, we’ll be in a bubble, but I think it’ll be some excitement. People are ready for athletics and sports to come together again and it will be really exciting. It will be like nothing they’ve ever experienced before and it’s going to be really special.”

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