Olympic track-and-field athlete, Allyson Felix opens up about her mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown and the challenges she faced when she first found out she would not be going to the Olympics in 2020.

Felix claims she gave herself time to process the fact the Olympics were canceled and postponed until it was safe to hold the event.

“[Mental health] has been very important and key,” Felix said. “it’s been a very heavy time period, I’m sure, for everyone and I know I felt that myself. I tried to give myself space to grieve … the loss of not having the games as scheduled and just really to feel all those emotions.”

Felix claims that another one of her coping mechanisms included keeping a gratitude journal and that the first thing that usually comes to mind is health and family.

“Starting each day for me with my gratitude journal and just jotting down things I am grateful for. A lot of times that’s family, health … all those things we’re seeing a lot of people struggle with. That really helps center me, but just making sure that I’m taking the time that I need and that I’m kind to myself and really making that a priority as an athlete. I think that there’s so much on our plate and there are so many things to do, but I think the pandemic has really shown me how much of a priority that should be.”

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