Most athletes have pre-game routines or rituals in order to “get into the zone.” So how do the United States Women’s Soccer Team prepare for each game?

“I would say that I’m the DJ now of the team,” Crystal Dunn said. “So for me, I’m just trying to get everybody right for the game and to just connect to the players through music. I think that’s something we really enjoy, you know that time in the locker room together to have a bit of a laugh but also to kind of refocus and go out to the field and get the job done.”

“I’m usually very anxious on game days,” said Becky Sauerbrunn. “So, for me, a really important ritual is nap time or it’s also just listening to some tunes on the bus ride and just doing some visualization. So I’m replaying plays in my head before I actually have to do them. That seems to calm me down a little smidge.”

“I don’t really have any weird rituals,” said Megan Rapinoe. “I literally do the same exact thing every single time. Nothing about it is interesting.”

The United States have been placed in Group D for the Tokyo Olympic Games. They will face Sweden, Australia and New Zealand before presumably advancing to the quarter finals.

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