Team USA bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor is getting ready to compete in the Beijing Olympic Games, while also taking care of her son.

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned is just to take things as they come and as every parent knows have a lot of patience,” she said. “What time I work out changes, what exactly my meal structure looks like changes, I gotta make sure he is taken care of and everything like that.”

“Everything’s changing and adapting, and this has all been one learning process and I expect this season to be no different,” she continued.

Meyer Taylor’s son was born shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic began, which impacted how her day-to-day life would be going forward. She originally worked out a schedule that would include taking care of him and training, but due to the lockdowns, she had to rearrange her schedule so that she can train while simultaneously taking care of him.

“[For] anybody who’s a new parent or going through those different things the first time it’s going to be challenging, but on top of it adding covid to it I think a lot of moms and I think a lot of parents out there walked into this and we’re like ‘oh my goodness, I don’t know what to do’ and it’s no different for me just because I’m an athlete, maybe even more so because I’m an athlete,” she said. “You had a perfect plan on how your child’s life was going to go, and covid sure threw a rail into everything.”

After this interview, Meyers Taylor’s came down with Covid and it remains unclear if she will be cleared to compete.

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