Team USA ski jumper Nina Lussi is thrilled to participate in the first mixed-gender ski jumping event during the 2022 winter games because she believes it will help further gender equality in sports.

“I’m super excited about it, they had it at the world championships in 2019 for the first time and it’s so cool because it brings some of the countries that favored their male team, it pushed them to spend more money and push the female team so together they can win medals on the largest stage.”

Lussi is excited to be able to compete alongside some of her idols, now that the ski jumping event is mixed gender.

“Some of my idols are the male ski jumpers, and you don’t get to see them that much, and then you’re competing against each other but together for the country, it’s really special and it shows us in a really good light,” she said.

Lussi is currently living in France but is a New York native. She was able to travel back to her hometown in order to compete for the spot on the team.

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