U.S. field hockey player Abby Tamer has her sights high for the Paris Olympics, intending to secure a gold medal. Tamer and her teammates are determined to demonstrate their worth on the global stage.

“Yeah, I mean, the end goal is to win a gold medal, and that’s what I think everyone wants,” Tamer told uSports. “Like I said, we weren’t supposed to qualify, but we just want to show the world that we belong there, and we’re going to do our best over these next few months to put the best team out, to show everyone what we’re made of.”

Their underdog status is a powerful motivator, pushing the team to hone their skills and strategies to compete against the world’s best.

Critics might argue that Tamer’s aspirations are overly ambitious, especially given the U.S. team’s historical performance in international field hockey.

Tamer’s acknowledgment of the work ahead shows her outlook. The next few months will be crucial as the team refines their tactics, builds cohesion and strengthens their mental and physical stamina.

The broader impact of Tamer’s goals extends beyond the field. It highlights the growing prominence and recognition of field hockey in the U.S., a sport often overshadowed by others.

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