Morelle McCane’s journey to the Paris Olympics as a boxer began with a casual workout.

“It started off as a workout,” McCane told uSports exclusively. “My niece was in it first, and I took her to the gym. I was like, let me practice with you, and I just fell in love with it.”

Despite its physical toll, McCane quickly became enamored with the rigorous training. “I fell in love with the whole process—the running, the crying and screaming, and the black eye that I got for the first time practicing,” she said.

McCane’s initial encounter with boxing was challenging. The sport’s physical demands, from intense cardio sessions to sparring matches that often left her bruised, could have easily deterred a less determined individual. However, for McCane, each obstacle served as fuel for her ambition: “It was just motivation to get better.”

Her journey from a novice boxer to an Olympic hopeful shows her hard work and dedication. “And now, we’re here on a grand scale, so everything paid off,” she reflected.

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